Additional Services

Sort-Declutter-Move-Settle outlines the basics, but Senior Settlers takes care of a whole lot more.
For example, we can:

Develop a communication plan to keep adult children informed.

Coordinate the dispersal of items you no longer need or want:

  • Shipping: Items you’d like family and friends to have? We find the most economical way to pack, ship or deliver them.
  • Selling: We coordinate the sale of your valuable items through estate sales, auctions houses and eBay experts.
  • Donations: We arrange for them to get to the local charity of your choice. You’ll receive a detailed list and valuation for
    your taxes.
  • Plus we’ll take care of the removal and disposal of unwanted items.

Arrange for secure self-storage unit for items you’re not ready to give away or can’t decide who to give them to.

Preserve your precious family photos and personal documents by having them scanned and converted into high-quality digital files.

Confidential destruction/shredding of outdated personal records and other documents.

Assistance to cancel, transfer or set-up utility services (electric, gas, cable, water, trash, phone).

Process your change of address with family members, health care professionals and social workers.

Shop and re-stock your pantry and refrigerator with essentials.

Inventory list all items moved, stored, donated or discarded.

Assist with estate resolution (inventory, asset appraisal and valuation, estate sales).

Clean out your garage and house after move.

If you need a service and don’t see it here, just ask us – We’re here to support you.