About Our Team

Our mission is to make your tough transition trouble-free. We take great joy in creating comfort and beauty for the next chapter in your life.

Senior Settlers was established in 2013, and we have steadily expanded services since then. We are constantly looking for ways to add value for our clients and to make their lives better in some way.

We are members of the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) and adhere to their code of ethics. We are also a Bay Area Green Business, are committed to participating in our community through the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Business, are a Marin County Section on Aging Member, and partner with various other organizations that serve the local senior community.

Our staff meets as a group twice a year and dedicates a full day to improving our services, learning new techniques, and sharing lessons learned. The photo below is from our most recent meeting.

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Tom Holmes Jeanette Smith Niki Clay Kimberly Garrison Chuck Reese Jenay Johnson Cathy Rice Camille Vincent Libby Wood Tammy Key Jenny Schmidt Chaz Simonds Claudia Pugay Johnson Chan Paul Simonds Susan Pareto Cindy De Rose: Andrew Rosen Donna Wagner Stacey Tunteri Darrell Whitaker Cara Honigsfeld

Tom Holmes

  • Project manager 
  • Retired music producer 
  • Passionate about all things musical 
  • Married, one (almost) grown son 

Jeanette Smith

  • Senior move manager 
  • Treasurer, Board of Directors, Lighthouse Singers Gospel Choir 
  • Retired co-owner ornamental metals manufacturing business 
  • Retired high school English teacher, department chair 
  • Retired high school professional development trainer 
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, UC Santa Barbara 
  • Married, three grown children, eight grandchildren 
  • Loves sewing, knitting, piano, hiking, kayaking, gardening, and photography 
  • Native Californian, originally from the San Diego area 

Niki Clay

  • Office administrator 
  • Small business administrator for over 10 years 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and History, Sonoma State 
  • Married, mother of one young son and one large dog 
  • Marin native

Kimberly Garrison

  • Project manager 
  • Retired stock and bond trader 
  • Credentialed elementary school substitute teacher 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with a minor in Business Administration, Chico State 
  • Married, mother of one grown son 
  • Loves to travel and to collect salt and pepper shakers 
  • SF native

Chuck Reese

  • Project manager 
  • Experienced senior care manager and fiduciary assistant 
  • Retired curriculum content editor and information specialist 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Literature, UT Austin 
  • Interests include arts and sciences, gardening and interior design 

Cathy Rice

  • Project manager 
  • Senior Move Manager – Certified (SMM-C), National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) 
  • NASMM @Home Specialist Certification 
  • essentiALZ Certificate, Alzheimer's Association 
  • Master of Arts in Education Administration, SF State 
  • Master of Arts in Education of Exceptional Children, SF State 
  • Teaching Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities, SF State 
  • Teaching Credential in Multiple Subjects, SF State 
  • Teaching Credential in Administration, SF State 
  • SF Bay Area native 

Camille Vincent

  • Senior move manager 
  • Former senior care giver 
  • Experienced horse whisperer 
  • Married, one grown daughter 
  • Fluent in Spanish 
  • Originally from El Paso, Texas 

Libby Wood

  • Business owner 
  • Senior Move Manager – Certified (SMM-C), National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) 
  • Subscriber, Institute for Chronic Disorganization (ICD) 
  • Treasurer, Board of Directors, Marin County Section on Aging 
  • Executive Committee, Board of Directors, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce 
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences, Stanford 
  • Retired Vice President, Information Technology Services, Federal Reserve Bank of SF 
  • Married, three adult children 
  • California native, originally from Mendocino County 

Tammy Key

  • Operations manager 
  • 16 Years in the move management and organizing business 
  • Senior Move Manager – Certified (SMM-C), National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) 
  • Institute for Chronic Disorganization (ICD) Level I Certification 
  • Owner of Garden Spaces, Inc., a landscape design company since 2005 
  • Associate degree in Horticulture, College of the Redwoods 
  • Married with grown step-children 
  • Originally from Missouri 

Jenny Schmidt

  • Senior Settlers senior move manager
  • Retired elementary school teacher
  • Teachers’ Union treasurer
  • Volunteer teacher at Bridge the Gap and Canal Alliance
  • Teaching Credential, Dominican University
  • California Certified Nursery Person (CCNPro)
  • Landscape designer and maintenance gardener
  • Associate degree in Landscape Horticulture, City College, SF
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Oberlin College
  • Married, two adult children
  • Originally from New York

Chaz Simonds

  • Senior Settlers senior move manager
  • Retired hair stylist
  • Loves musical theater and enjoys travel
  • Dad to a large yellow Labrador Retriever
  • Marin native

Claudia Pugay

  • Senior move manager 
  • San Francisco native 
  • Ambivert (a good balance of being an intro and extrovert) 
  • Trilingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese) 
  • Married 
  • Pet parent to one curious cat and two friendly snakes 
  • Ailurophile (Love cats!) 
  • Formerly worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years 
  • Enjoy learning new things and meeting people with interesting stories (everyone has a good story!) 
  • Favorite activity is hiking 
  • Least favorite activity is cooking 
  • LOVE organizing and making spaces look beautiful and clutter-free 

Johnson Chan

  • Senior move manager 
  • Technology consultant and educator 
  • Quality assurance expert 
  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication, Cal Poly 
  • Married, father of two young children 
  • Fluent in Cantonese 
  • SF Bay Area native 

Paul Simonds

  • Senior move manager 
  • Born and raised in Marin. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley. 
  • Relocated to Sonoma county in 1992. 
  • Recently retired from a career in IT that spanned nearly 40 years. 
  • Currently volunteering for Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County at their thrift store ‘Pick of the Litter’ in the book department. 

Susan Pareto

  • Senior Settlers senior move manager
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics and Communication
  • Lover of languages (French, German, and Greek)
  • Passionate traveler
  • Originally from the LA area

Cindy De Rose:

  • Senior move manager 
  • Retired stay-at-home parent & school volunteer 
  • Enjoys hiking, backpacking and camping with family and friends. Loves adventures in the Sierras! 
  • Volunteer for “Get out the vote” & The Maker Movement 
  • BA in Communication and Arts, Michigan State. 
  • Married with two adult sons 
  • From Michigan and lived in Cal for 28 years now 

Andrew Rosen

  • Senior move manager 
  • Professional organizer since 2017 (but started soon after birth) 
  • Originally from NY 
  • Loves curated collections 
  • Loves interacting with people 
  • Plant daddy 

Donna Wagner

  • Senior move manager 

Stacey Tunteri

  • Senior move manager 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Art and Master of Arts in Community Counseling. 
  • Member of National Organization of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) with certificates of study in Essentials of Organizing, Essentials in Productivity, and Residential Organizing. 
  • Creative problem-solver, writer, artist, and efficiency enthusiast. 
  • Enjoys spending time in nature and searching the internet for life hack videos and do-it-yourself projects. 
  • Uses life lessons in patience, resilience, and staying curious to transform clients’ homes and lives. 

Darrell Whitaker

  • Frequent subcontractor 
  • Handyman 
  • Hauler and mover extraordinaire 

Cara Honigsfeld

  • Senior move manager 
  • Resident of San Rafael 

Front Row, Left to right: Stacey Tunteri, Darrell Whitaker, Cara Honigsfeld, Tammy Key.
Back Row, Left to right: Libby Wood, Johnson Chan, Cathy Rice, Camille Vincent, Cindy De Rose, Chuck Reese, Paul Simonds, Andrew Rosen, Tom Holmes, Niki Clay, Jeanette Smith, Kimberly Garrison, Claudia Pugay.
Not pictured: Donna Wagner, Senior move manager; also Chaz Simonds.

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