About Our Team

Our mission is to make your tough transition trouble-free. We take great joy in creating comfort and beauty for the next chapter in your life.

Senior Settlers was established in 2013, and we have steadily expanded services since then. We are constantly looking for ways to add value for our clients and to make their lives better in some way.

We are members of the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) and adhere to their code of ethics. We are also a Bay Area Green Business, are committed to participating in our community through the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Business, are a Marin County Section on Aging Member, and partner with various other organizations that serve the local senior community.

Our staff meets as a group twice a year and dedicates a full day to improving our services, learning new techniques, and sharing lessons learned. The photo below is from our most recent meeting.

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Senior Settlers Staff photo
Tom Holmes Jeanette Smith Niki Clay Kimberly Garrison Chuck Reese Jenay Johnson Cathy Rice Camille Vincent Libby Wood Tammy Key Jenny Schmidt Chaz Simonds Claudia Pugay

Tom Holmes

Senior Move Manager
Music producer, guitarist, and piano whisperer, Tom connects with clients on a musical level.  He keeps our toes tapping and the clients singing his praises.

Jeanette Smith

Senior Move Manager
Jeanette appreciates the difficulties that seniors face and loves helping them overcome them. She loves seeing clients settle into a new environment better suited to their needs.

Niki Clay

Office Administrator
Niki has 10 years experience running administrative tasks behind the scenes. She looks forward to helping every step of the project go seamlessly and efficiently.

Kimberly Garrison

Senior Move Manager
As a substitute teacher and move manager, Kim enjoys the balance of working with young and old alike. She finds both fields emotionally gratifying, plus the physical demands keep her on her toes!

Chuck Reese

Senior Move Manager
Chuck left a career in teacher development to work in senior care management. He is a hands-on problem solver whose experience with estate resolution and complex family dynamics benefit Senior Settlers' clients.

Jenay Johnson

Senior Move Manager
Jenay enjoys helping clients with their transitions to new homes and loves knowing that their lifelong possessions are handled with care. She also enjoys decluttering and helping clients donate and recycle items.

Cathy Rice

Senior Move Manager
Cathy has over 40 years experience as a special educator and professor. Her love of helping others to organize their belongings lends itself well to the heart and soul of Senior Settlers.

Camille Vincent

Senior Move Manager
An El Paso native and horsewoman, Camille worked for the airlines before getting her CNA license and finding her real calling: senior care. She cherishes the relationships she builds with colleagues and clients alike.

Libby Wood

Owner, Senior Move Manager - Certified
Libby has a long background in managing people and projects, and a deep appreciation for the challenges seniors face. She loves helping them work through those issues.

Tammy Key

Operations Manager, Senior Move Manager – Certified
Tammy brings warmth, patience and efficiency to Senior Settlers, along with years of move coordinator experience. Tammy also holds a professional certificate in dealing with chronic disorganization.

Jenny Schmidt

Chaz Simonds

Claudia Pugay

Back row:  Jenny Schmidt, Jeanette Smith, Kim Garrison, Chuck Reese, Chaz Simonds, and Cathy Rice.

Front row: Claudia Pugay, Libby Wood, Tammy Key, and Camille Vincent

(Not pictured: Niki Clay and Tom Holmes)

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Tom Holmes104
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Chuck Reese106
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