You and your wonderful staff have been so great to work with!  I am so THANKFUL that you said yes, you would do it!  You have given me my life back!

— Amy H

I cannot tell you how wonderful the team was. Chuck was the perfect leader and all the others performed with a smile and incredible professionalism. Please pass on my profound gratitude.

— David K.

Tammy, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible work!!!  You were such a pleasure to work with and persisted even when we got overwhelmed or blue.   Truly, I can’t imagine having done this move without you. 

— Jennifer S

This whole experience was a dream – great job!

— Jean C.

Senior Settlers helped us downsize my parents 70 year old home today = a lot of stuff. My wife and I want to give Libby, Tammy, Kathy, Tom, Todd, Darrel and his crew 400 stars!!!!!!!!!

This is the best team I have ever seen! Professional, punctual, knowledgeable, thoughtful, resourceful, motivated, fun to work with, incredibly organized and an awesome work ethic. They worked nonstop and thought of everything, even making incredibly helpful suggestions for donations, recycling and packing. We liked the crew so much that we took their picture when the job was completed!They really went the extra 10 miles for us. Special thanks to Owner, Libby for being so resourceful, respectful, and just an all around helpful, nice person. (Sorry if I left out any names. Please know we greatly appreciate all of you!!!!!!) Hire Senior Settlers! I will for sure when I need help again!!!

— Don L

Many thanks to you, Tammy, Susan and Paul for a successful effort and saving our sanity let alone our bodies. The packing and unpacking were smooth and nothing was lost or broken. Your team is skilled and have excellent judgement and intelligence. I think this really sets you apart from the rest.  Education and maturity were certainly not expected!!! We are more than pleased and extremely grateful for a job well done.

— Carol D.

Thanks to you and all the Settlers that helped clear out and pack up! Everyone did a great job and we really enjoyed working with you all.”

— Kim S.

I just had the opportunity to visit my aunt Pam at her new studio for the first time since her move. Thank you SO MUCH for all you have done to help her/me in moving her to this new location. Although it’s going to take her a while to fully settle  in, your help arranging her items as well as basic furniture moving makes it feel like a home.  I feel so light and relieved visiting her there and I know she is happy not to have the problem person (my cousin) not living in the same house and all that entailed. I know she is also very happy to have the help organizing all her paperwork too.

I am so grateful that I connected with your organization and would recommend it to anyone needing this kind of assistance for themselves or a senior family member.

Thanks for all you do.

— Shoshannah F.

Thank you!  The team was perfect – they were life savers!

— Sara H.

Thank you for your care and concern for my “junk” as well as my treasures. You have a “Class A1” team. You’re all TOPS!!”

— Mary Jo S.

It was a great experience working with your crew today. They were all professional, personable, capable, and efficient. They did a terrific job with both compassion and humor. Thank you all for the essential service you provide. I couldn’t make it through without you.

— Ryan M.

I was pleased with how Leslie’s new apartment looked.  Very efficient cleaning out her old apartment. 

— Glenn

Libby was very helpful before and during the move and her “crew” of Tammy and Chaz realled helped unpack my essentials.

— Victoria

I needed help moving from one assisted living community to another, both in the Bay Area. Libby sent a crew to pack up our belongings and unpack them at the new place. She also helped arrange for movers. Moving is never an easy process, but Senior Settlers were a huge help during the transition.

— Betsy F.

When my aunt realized that she did perhaps need to move to an assisted living facility, she was overwhelmed just thinking about the task of disbanding her current living situation and re-establishing it in a studio apartment across the Bay Area. Fortunately I had a friend who’d been through this process, and she recommended the staff at Senior Settlers in glowing terms. It was this reference and the fact that they are a local organization and woman-owned that made me feel confident they were the right team for the job. They did not disappoint! Over a series of visits, they began the process of helping my aunt make loads of decisions about what she would take with her, what she’d like to donate, what could be discarded, and what given to specific others. They were very patient, and they really listened to her. In fact, they told me that they enjoyed talking to her, and she says she enjoyed talking with them, so the interaction wasn’t just about logistics.  After the decisions were made, they took responsibility for making things go where they were supposed to—relieving my aunt of that worry which she had been so dreading. By the end of moving day, she was ready to “take possession” of her new space—it was ready for her, all but having cable TV set up, and Senior Settlers had even taken care of arranging that.

What I haven’t said much about was how the primary helper for this job, Tammy Key, got along with us, Jean’s family.  She was a delight to work with, managing to be cordial and friendly while moving efficiently through the many tasks involved in getting the move accomplished.  She established an immediate rapport with the movers as well.  In fact, although we were all pretty exhausted by day’s end, I look back wonderingly at how smoothly everything went, in large part because of Tammy and Senior Settler’s excellent help. I wholeheartedly recommend them for getting your senior loved one re-settled.

— Carole

You went way beyond my expectations and made my life easier during a stressful transition.

— Michael

I want to thank you for your help settling Bill and Linda into Oakmont of San Rafael last week. My parents walked into their new apartment and immediately felt at home. They even said their furniture and belongings look better there than the last two places they lived!

I also want to praise Chuck and Tom for their help, expertise, creativity and work ethic. My Dad was really touched by the gallery wall of college and military memorabilia that Tom created in the walk-in closet. He’d never hung those items before! Not to be outdone, Mom is glad Tom left a spot for her college diploma. 

We truly could not have pulled this off without you and your team, and truly enjoyed working with them. By the end of the day, it felt like the four of us had worked together for years. Please thank Chuck and Tom for helping to create a very soft landing for my parents.

Attaching a pic of the finished living/dining area. Even the cat feels right at home!

Lisa E.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tammy at Senior Settlers senior moving service and I cannot recommend her enough. She helped move our dear cousin Jean from her Oakland apartment into an assisted living facility in El Cerrito and the experience was flawless. Tammy was incredibly professional, kind, and patient throughout the entire process. She made sure that Jean was comfortable every step of the way and made the move as stress-free as possible. Everything went incredibly smoothly and we are so grateful to Tammy for her help. She truly is the best in the business and I would recommend her to anyone in need of senior moving services. Thank you, Tammy!


We have been wanting to consolidate our storage unit for over two years. The thought of this effort was daunting. We saw a referral on NextDoor Belvedere for Senior Settlers, and more specifically Libby Wood. We spoke with Libby and met her at our unit. She and her team were the jump start we needed to get the project going. Libby was able to help us size the contents; what do we want to save, throw away, donate or sell. She had the experience and resources. We only needed two sessions of work with her and her team and then we finished the work on our own. I am grateful for the support and we would have never been able to get out of this storage without her insight and support.


Senior Settlers was fantastic. I didn’t realize how much I needed them until they came in and did the job. They took the lead in moving my aging mother from her home to an assisted living community. They organized what she needed to bring with her and then led the set-up of her new apartment. They knew what needed to be done and how to do it in the most efficient manner.

After the move, they helped clean out my mother’s home. Their real value is that they know what items go where: what should get sold, what should get donated (and where), and what goes to the dump. They even called a hauler who was very economical and a better deal than I would have been able to locate on my own.

Moira and Chuck are well worth the cost (which they accurately estimate in the beginning). At first I thought I was paying too much, even though I didn’t know how to accomplish all the things I knew needed to get done. In the end, I thought it was some of the best money I’ve spent. They are well worth it. They do what they promise, on time and on schedule. They get my highest recommendation.


Libby, the owner, and all of her staff, were very patient, thorough and kind to my elderly aunt throughout her entire move. It meant a lot to have very fair and competent people organizing and helping with this very stressful move for her. They also abided by all of the COVID safety parameters, which is so important when moving the elderly. Thank you!

Devin H.

Senior Settlers helped me with a move that was time pressured; I gave them very little notice, yet they were flexible enough to fit me in and did a great job. They helped me to winnow out what could be left behind for recycling, repurposing, or giving away from my home of 30 years. They did this in 4 days! They did the packing, the hiring of excellent movers that were not expensive; they supervised those movers and then unpacked the boxes so that I could sleep in a made bed that night; they came back the next day to complete the job including setting up my kitchen. They were pleasant and encouraging. All of this during Covid.

A friend used their services recently and I was curious whether my excellent experience was a one-off or unique. She had a difficult move as well with major downsizing required. She too found their help to be excellent and life-saver.

Thank you to all of the Senior Settler staff!

Jane B.

I retained Senior Settlers last summer to help me in my move to San Francisco Towers.

I first met with Libby Wood, the head of Senior Settlers, who clearly explained how the company works and the services it can provide. It’s helpful that a client can choose from many types of service available exactly which ones he needs in a particular move.

Libby assigned one of her employees named Kimberly to my move. Kimberly helped me decide how to dispose of the furniture I was taking to the Towers.  It’s quite difficult to sell or donate furniture, especially during the covid pandemic.

A day before the move Kimberly, and another employee came to my place and packed all the kitchen items.  On the day of the move, I stayed in my condominium and supervised the movers while Kimberly and the other employee were in position at my Towers apartment to accept the furniture and furnishings from the movers.

Kimberly did a wonderful job of unpacking all of the kitchen items and placing them on the shelves and in the drawers.

I found Libby and her crew to be highly skilled at what they do.  As a bonus, they are very pleasant women to be around.

I can’t imagine accomplishing my move without Senior Settlers’ help.

Tom L.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people to have heard about you at a time in my life when Senior Settlers was exactly what I needed. You were fantastic, professional, sooo helpful, knew exactly what was needed and pleasant to work with. Words cannot express my appreciation to Senior Settlers!


I really appreciate all the effort and extra steps you put into my Dad’s move. I barely had to lift a finger. Your calm demeanor helped keep things at ease during yet another transition in my Dad’s life.