• When clients move, or when a relative has passed away, we can clear out the home:
  • We take photos of potential consignment items and coordinate with consignors and charities.
  • We sort items according to destination: consignment, charity, recycle, landfill, shredding, hazardous and electronic waste.
  • We coordinate with and supervise the hauler removing the items.
  • We transport and supervise shredding and deliver small charity items to collection centers.
  • When all of that is done, we remove any remaining debris.


  • When families are at odds, we have resources for them:
  • We recommend FAIRSPLIT Free Estate inventory management software – FairSplit for deciding who gets what. Their technique is based upon emotional value rather than monetary value.
  • When matters have become more complicated than just deciding who gets what, we recommend a highly qualified mediator.


We have an easy-to-read book about “stuff” and some suggestions for dealing with it: Home of the Brave: Or How to Overthrow the Tyranny of Stuff.


  • We have databases filled with other resources we can call upon as needed:
  • When clients move into or out of an area that we do not serve, we can recommend other companies that provide move management services in that area.
  • We know tradespeople: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, cleaners, landscapers, and so on.
  • We work with many different movers, haulers, shippers, and crating services.
  • We have experience with many of the local storage facilities and understand the differences between them.
  • We regularly refer to online resellers, art galleries, antique dealers, clothing consignors, estate liquidators, hobby shops, photography shops, and piano stores.
  • We donate to a wide variety of charities, depending upon the type of item being donated and the preferences of our clients.
  • We can provide references to daily money managers, computer technicians, fiduciaries, photo scanners, and therapists whom we know and trust.