Senior Move Management

One of the challenges we face in our line of business is that so few people have heard of our profession. Once we explain it to them, their eyes light up and they exclaim about what a great idea it is. Then, they reminisce about situations in their own families in which a senior move manager would have saved a whole lot of grief.

So, what is a senior move manager? Just to be clear, it’s not a move manager who has reached a certain age, although we must be honest and say that many of us HAVE reached that age.

Senior move managers are also not really move managers who only work for seniors. A large percentage of our clients ARE seniors, but not all of them. We help anyone who needs our services, and we do it without asking for their driver’s licenses to determine if they are old enough to be our clients!

We are project managers who specialize in life transitions. Most often that transition is between physical locations, but it can involve other types of transitions, too. Sometimes it’s about dealing with what’s left after a transition.

We provide a wide variety of services. In our typical cases, we plan moves from one living space to another. We assess a space and make layout recommendations. We contact movers and ask for estimates. We work with consignors, auction houses, and art galleries to help sell the items that will not make the transition. We pack and unpack boxes. We donate to charities. We make beds, we hang art, and we stack dishes. We have a very long list of services that we offer, and our clients choose from that smorgasbord.

Our process always starts with a consultation. We never charge for consultations because they are so valuable to us. Consultations give us a peek into what the project will REALLY involve so that we can come up with a proposal that fits the needs of the specific client. Our proposals outline the project plan, giving a timeline and a cost range.
Sometimes after we have presented a proposal to a client, something happens, and the clients ask for a revision. They might decide that they’d rather donate the art to a museum rather than shipping it to Aunt Tilly in Tulsa. Things change. We do our best to work with clients to figure out the outline of the plan before we all sign the service agreement. Then, if the change happens after the service agreement is in place, we document that in a change order.

Our mission statement is: We make your tough transitions trouble-free. That’s our goal. We want to take the pain and suffering out of the process and make it as smooth and easy as possible. Eliminating wrinkles is our specialty!