Tom L.

I retained Senior Settlers last summer to help me in my move to San Francisco Towers.

I first met with Libby Wood, the head of Senior Settlers, who clearly explained how the company works and the services it can provide. It’s helpful that a client can choose from many types of service available exactly which ones he needs in a particular move.

Libby assigned one of her employees named Kimberly to my move. Kimberly helped me decide how to dispose of the furniture I was taking to the Towers.  It’s quite difficult to sell or donate furniture, especially during the covid pandemic.

A day before the move Kimberly, and another employee came to my place and packed all the kitchen items.  On the day of the move, I stayed in my condominium and supervised the movers while Kimberly and the other employee were in position at my Towers apartment to accept the furniture and furnishings from the movers.

Kimberly did a wonderful job of unpacking all of the kitchen items and placing them on the shelves and in the drawers.

I found Libby and her crew to be highly skilled at what they do.  As a bonus, they are very pleasant women to be around.

I can’t imagine accomplishing my move without Senior Settlers’ help.